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We partner with our clients to help them realise successful outcomes through seamless integrated service, leading to rewarding relationships.


Utilising over 45 years of experience, Eight Property Investments are industry leaders in delivering development opportunities to world wide investors. With extensive relationships with buyers in Asia, Europe and locally, if you need investors, Eight Property Investments have the solutions.

Eight Property Investments provide unique development opportunities for purchase to international and local investors. The Australian property development industry is a specialised market and given the extensive network of property acquisition in the development sector our portfolio of potential opportunities will suit all levels of investor requirements. With a diverse range of clients from individual land owners, international and local investors Eight Property Investments is designed to match investors with the right development opportunity.

Our team of highly experienced Project Managers deliver the development from initial feasibilities to the end-selling product. A market leader in Town Planning, Project Management, Urban Design, Council and Government Liaison, Strategies and Feasibility Analysis – we will ensure your investment is managed with integrity, professionalism and delivered to your expectations. Eight Property Investments has established relationships within the property industry and has various development opportunities for the right investor. Our team will assist property owners with the selling of their property to qualified international and local investors.

Simply put – We connect development opportunities with investors and we manage the property development from start to finish.

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